Scrumcert.org is an organization created by certified Professional Scrum Masters with the intention of helping those planning to take the Scrum exams prepare for their certification. The questions contained on the Scrumcert.org web site are designed in such a manner that those who have thoroughly gone through the SBOK™ Guide and taken their time to properly understand the principles, aspects, processes and roles within Scrum will have little difficulty preparing for the Scrum exams. It must be stressed that it is the student and her/his approach to learning that will be the deciding factor in passing. But the exam questions we present with the explanations will go a very long way in helping each and every student move forward.



Who we are?

We are the Scrumcert organization that provides online questions and answers fully based on the SBOK™ Guide. We present over 300 questions, answers and explanations. This is much than any of our competitors.

What we do?

We are an Agile organization that delivers Scrum online exam certification. Our questions and answers are randomized. This makes sure that a student taking our Scrum exam course is not led into simple guess work in the selection of the answers.

Our exams are geared towards giving the student the best chances possible in taking and passing the Scrum professional exam.

How we work?

The student who is interested in our simulated exam questions (330+) is given a chance to try out our fifteen questions demo. This will give the student a feel of how the questions, answers and explanations are laid out. After the free online demo, the expectation is that the student will register making a choice of one of the four available possibilities. Once registration is done, account created, payments made, the registered student receives direct access to the site for the paid period.

About Us

ScrumCert.org is an online marketplace where anyone in the world can register and prepare for Professional Scrum Certification. Test your skills on our Simulated QA center to examine and improve your knowledge of Scrum.
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